Welcome to Maracaibo, a private residential community on Salt Spring Island in the Southern Gulf Islands of British Columbia. Unique homes are dotted along the 530 acre peninsula among the arbutus, fir and oak groves. Many properties offer panoramic views down Long Harbour or over Trincomali Channel.

Nature’s gifts of serenity and beauty reside here. Since its development in 1970, the Maracaibo community has made a strong commitment to visionary land stewardship. Maracaibo’s founders and developers designated beach areas, rainforest, and wetlands as parkland to be preserved. The result is a community that owns and maintains its protected lands for the benefit of native species and for the quiet enjoyment of its members.

The sense of community is alive and well in Maracaibo. Annual events such as the community pot-luck dinner, pancake breakfast, salmon barbeque, Easter egg hunt, golf and tennis tournaments keep neighbours, their families and friends together over the years. The ever popular Maracaibo Olympics is an annual two-day festival for members that has taken place since 1976. It is a favorite for children, parents and grandparents alike.

Of course there are others who just want to enjoy peace and quiet. You will find a shared respect for nature and privacy, along with neighbours who will be there should you need them.


Maracaibo is a community comprised of individual lots, shared property, and membership shares. There are eighty-six freehold Strata lots in Maracaibo, and another nine freehold smaller lots near the Maracaibo core area. Today sixty-nine of those lots have homes or cottages and twenty-five are undeveloped lots. Private dwellings in Maracaibo range from modest cottages to architecturally designed and custom-built homes; lot sizes vary depending on location. Each home is a unique reflection of its owner’s lifestyle but is also designed to maximize views and privacy.

As a management structure, Maracaibo is organized into two separate entities: Maracaibo Estates and Strata Corporation.

Maracaibo Estates is a property management company owned by its members. All members must own a share of Maracaibo Estates, regardless of whether they own a share independent of property, or own an individual lot or have built a home on that lot. Maracaibo Estates owns common property in Maracaibo, a highlight of which is the additional area of approximately twenty-five acres known as the “Core Area.” Members of Maracaibo Estates have the right to use its amenities including cottages, marina, lagoon, courts, private hiking trails and Members’ Lounge. The remaining 128 acres (“Lot 8” on the map) are owned by Maracaibo Estates and awaits future development.

The Strata Corporation (“Strata 905”) is responsible for managing and maintaining the parkland, roads, wells, pumps, and water distribution system, including fire hydrants. Maracaibo operates its own water utility. The Strata contracts with Maracaibo Estates for road maintenance, fire smarting, trail building, maintenance and other services, and all lot owners have an interest in the Strata Corporation.

For more information about Maracaibo’s structure, please contact the Maracaibo Office at 250-537-2878.


+Do I own the property if I live in a Strata?

Yes, you own in freehold the title to the land that you purchase. In addition, you own an interest in the common land that makes up the rest of the Strata. This includes 189 acres of parklands and trails.

+Are there restrictions on what I may do with my property?

Yes. Anyone building on their property is subject to separate deed restrictions and building and architectural guidelines. Every lot in Maracaibo is governed by recorded documents and design guidelines that are put in place to enhance, preserve and protect property values and land stewardship in the community. Any new construction, changes to the exterior of the home, or changes or additions to the lot must be approved in advance by the Building Committee.

+May I buy a Share without buying property?

Possibly. Maracaibo Estates Shares exist but there is usually a waiting list for purchase. Contact the Maracaibo Office at 250-537-2878 for more information.

+Is it possible to buy property without buying a Share?

No. You must own a Share in Maracaibo Estates to live in Maracaibo.

+How much does a Share cost and are there restrictions?

Share prices have increased from $7,000 to over $70,000 over the last 40 years. You may sell your share to anyone who wants to purchase it at any price but if you own a Strata lot you must own a Share. All new purchases of lots and Shares must interview with the managers or a member of the board of directors.

+Once I buy a Share, do I have any ongoing expenses?

There is an annual fee, paid as semi-annual dues, to help cover upkeep on the amenities and facilities. You will have access to the cottages and marina at the reduced member rate. You will have open access to tennis courts, pickleball courts, rowboats, paddleboards, kayaks and canoes.

+How is Maracaibo governed?

There is a six-member board of directors who govern all aspects of Maracaibo, including both Maracaibo Estates and Maracaibo’s Strata Corporation. For more information on the board of directors, please contact the Maracaibo Office at 250-537-2878.

+May I visit Maracaibo?

If you are interested in purchasing a residence, lot or Share in Maracaibo, call the Office if you wish to spend a night in one of our cottages to get a feel for the community.